Not knowing what to draw next is simply the worst. Because it’s not just about not having an image to go off of, it has its psychological effects of feeling uninspired and out of touch with your craft. We’ve all been there.

Sometimes the solution is just finding a reference that excites you, other times it’s just waiting for the idea to pop in your head.

Below I’ve listed 30 ideas that can put some keywords into your noggin (does anyone use that word anymore??) so you can start searching for your reference.

  1. hot air balloon
  2. Rose with water droplets
  3. deflated balloon
  4. luxury purse
  5. vintage pocket watch
  6. fruit in water
  7. paint brush stroke
  8. plant in a bottle
  9. succulent
  10. cactus in a pot
  11. luxury car
  12. vintage car
  13. lightbulb with dark background
  14. macaroons
  15. motorbike
  16. sunglasses with reflection in lenses
  17. antique item
  18. boat on a lake
  19. cupcake
  20. bouquet of flowers
  21. melting ice cream cone
  22. pineapple
  23. lipstick tube
  24. diamonds reflecting
  25. metallic figurine
  26. airplane window
  27. lights in a jar
  28. avocado
  29. steam train
  30. The first drawable thing you see when you look out the window.

To make things even easier, I’ve put together a library of 50+ images you can access right now and start drawing off of, find it below!

Let me know if this was helpful! Also, what drawable thing did you see when you looked out the window?

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Out of ideas of what to draw?
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