My Mission

So, why art? This was a question I was stuck asking myself for a long time. Why was I drawn to create?

It took a lot of soul-searching to find my ‘why’. I’ve spent most of my time as an artist not knowing why I was creating, if it meant anything at all to me, and particularly what it meant to those who now own it. It wasn’t until I began to create a collection of work, announced the released date and ended up canceling everything last minute that I realized I wanted something more. Every time I created each of these pieces for the collection I felt empty. I was just creating to release. The pieces meant absolutely nothing to me. And I knew, deep down in my soul, that that wasn’t the type of art I wanted to create.

I believe art to not just be strokes on a paper, paint on a canvas, chalk on a street, or anything to just visually please us. Although that is a huge aspect, art is a reflection. A mirror. A means by which we are able to look deeper into our selves.

And so I wanted to create art that resonated with me. That resonated with my clients. I wanted to serve a mission I believed was worth fighting for. Worth celebrating. Worth spending a lifetime on. And through a deep look into myself, my life and my experiences, I believed that mission was helping people become the best version of themselves. 

I spent a lot of time focusing on things I couldn’t control. Drowning in things that I could do absolutely nothing about. And I hated it. I hated not being able to take the wheel and navigate.

But as a grew older, I learned to fully accept it all. This came through focusing on what I could control. I can’t control the plane. I can’t decide what everyone will do next. I could control me. My goals. My ambitions. What I worked towards. Being the best version of me.

So now, through my art, I want to help you strive for your best version. Whatever that version may be. A daily reminder, hung on your wall, a symbol to seize the day and be who you’re meant to be, letting go of all that isn’t worth your worry. And if you’re already there, you’ve been striving and finally reached a long time goal you had, why not celebrate it. You deserve to celebrate you, your goals and taking control of what you can control, you.

Let’s get you working towards your goals. Let’s celebrate reaching them. Because too often we never fully celebrate what we’ve accomplished. Let’s make your mirror, your reflection. Let’s create your symbol.

Contact me here. Just say, “I want to create my symbol” and we’ll get to work.