Liquid White Colored Pencil for highlights by Pearl Burnish

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I love colored pencils, but one thing about them has been bothering me since the beginning. Unlike paint colored pencil can’t be layered over and over. It very much shows especially on black paper that colored pencil isn’t enough to acheive intense white highlights.
Because of this many artists turn to other mediums like paint and gel pens to add opaque highlights. The problem with this is that switch between the two mediums looks quite obvious in the final piece because of the difference in texture and colored pencil cannot be layered on top or else the paint or gel will come off. Plus, gel pens constantly gel clogged and don’t apply properly to pencil because of the lack of friction.
So, to solve this problem I created Liquid White Colored Pencil®, so you can intensify or create white areas without having a change in texture and once dry, more colored pencil can be layered ON TOP.

Directions: For best results, use product ON TOP of wax-based colored pencils.
After you have finished your colored pencil piece, use Liquid White Colored Pencil and a small brush to intensify white areas or create highlights. Smooth out any lumps that may occur as much as possible to achieve a smooth look. Wait at least an hour or until dry to layer more white pencil on
top. Keep layering back and forth between your own white pencil and Liquid White Colored Pencil
until desired look is achieved. Use a small amount at a time to prevent the paper from warping.
Keep cap closed when not in use to avoid drying out the product.

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Weight 2 oz
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