There are over 3.5 million posts under #realism on Instagram, and it can be hard to find the good stuff through all the noise.

I chose to feature artists whose primary subject is objects and nature. (like me!) If you’re looking for some talented accounts to follow, here’s 5 of my favorite realism artists when it comes to colored pencil.

The following photos belong to the artists.

1. CJ Hendry

Chances are you already know her, the widely successful Australian artist whose pieces often go for $10,000 or more. That’s right, colored pencil going for that much. If that didn’t give you some motivation to pursue your colored pencil passion, I don’t know what can.

You can follow her on Instagram here.

2. Chloe O’Shea

Another Australian artist whose depiction of plants and nature is not only realistic but incredibly vibrant. Her use of colors gives her work a unique signature. You can follow her here.

3. Dominique Cates

Is picture is worth a thousands words. New Zealand artist Dominique Cates is incredibly detailed about her pieces. The level of care and time put in each piece is awe-inspiring, and it’s just all the colored pencil goodness you need.

You can follow her here.

4. Roman Miah

Primarily using markers and then colored pencil for detail, this British artist’s incredibly life-like drawings of cars can’t go unnoticed. There are plenty more where this came from, you can follow him here.

5. Natalie Dark

A New York artist whose name is completely in-sync with her subject matter. It’s no shortcuts with this artist, as Natalie creates fine art with rich backgrounds made entirely of colored pencil. Requiring patience and a lot of black pencil restock, you’ll want to give this artist a follow here.

Instagram is full of incredibly skillful realism artists. There are definitely more than just 5, be here’s a start of where to get really inspired. Who are your favorite realism artists? Leave a comment below!

You can also follow me on Instagram, where I’m all about colored pencil and realism 😉

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